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Project name

Digital, Social and Civic Competences Development for Adult Educators Working with Migrants and Refugees

Project code
2016-1- LT01-KA204- 023159
Project duration
2016 - 2018
ERASMUS + programme
Baltic Educational Institute of Technology, Lithuania
About project

DiSoCi will encourage competences development for adult's  educators working with migrants, refugees and etc.  diversified groups in the Europe.  The is no special programs for adult's educators working with  migrants, refugees and diversified groups. Education at all levels is a key part of the integration process for migrants. According to the Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020 Adult learning is crucial for migrants as they may require different skills from those that they used in their countries of origin for their new careers. It can also help equip people working with migrants with digital, social and civic competences, easing the integration process for everyone involved. 

According to the data of the need analysis in EU and partner countries national context, the following needs are addressed within the project, i.e. to develop assessment model and to develop the the training program for competences development of adult educators’  working with migrants, refugees and etc. diversified groups and to suggest the program to learners (refugees, migrants) to gain new necessary skills. 

Project objectives
  • To evaluate the level of adult's educators competences to work with migrants and refugees;

  • To encourage the continuing and professional development of adult educator's by using the innovative education models and  Open education recourses (OER) for their digital, social and civic competences development;

  • To increase the motivation and reduce disparities in learning outcomes of migrants, refugees and etc. diversified  by suggesting  digital program  for their competences development.

Target groups
Adult educators; educators working with migrants, refugees and diversified groups.