Submitted by reda.bartkute on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 10:12
Project name

TuCoDe - Tutor Competence Development for RIAPs Users

Project code


Project duration

2007 - 2009


Leonardo da Vinci programme


Baltic Educational Institute of Technology, Lithuania

  • Hungarian Telecottage Association
  • Institute for Technology and Development
  • University of Vaasa
  • Association “Public Internet Access Points”
About project

The main objective of the project is to create the unified e-learning course called “Internet access points management” that would ensure an accessible and life long training for internet access points administrators and managers which will improve the administrators management and administration, training, communication and marketing skills in Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Finland. 

Project objectives
  • To make the analysis of the RIAP administrators needs and expectations for the training;
  • Create the training course for RIAP administrators adjusting to Lithuanian needs and improving the “Telecottages management” course according to national needs and expectations
  • Train 50 RIAP administrators according to the new training course
  • Renew e-learning course with video materials from partner countries (success stories, good practices) --- to make video film about RIAP management, administration, users and their daily work in telecottages what will serve as motivational element for RIAP managers in all project partner countries;
  • To make new social networking tools and test them with life long learning community in RIAPs.
  • To establish international community of practice of RIAPs stakeholders and to initiate several LLL virtual communities of RIAPs tutors and users on specific subjects of interest.