EDUCATE TO INNOVATE - Developing and Sustaining Female Food Entrepreneurs

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EDUCATE TO INNOVATE - Developing and Sustaining Female Food Entrepreneurs

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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships
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Supporting the growth of Female Food Entrepreneurs (FFEs) across Europe by introducing innovative methods of teaching entrepreneurial training specifically for females in the Agri-Food sector

The overall aim of the project is to develop and upskill, Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers equipping them with the required knowledge and skill to develop and support the growth of FFEs. The project team will do so by developing an innovative pedagogy guide and resource tool for VET teachers that will enable them to develop female-focused entrepreneurial training courses that will be influenced and delivered by food entrepreneurs. In summary, training that will involve Entrepreneurs helping to develop Entrepreneurs. Encouraging the growth of continuing professional development for VET teachers and developing innovative teaching approaches is a key objective of this project.


Over the course of the project, the project team will engage with VET educators across Europe to seek contributions to the development of, test, and validate the project’s outputs. The outputs developed as part of the project will provide VET educators with the resources and materials required to produce and implement innovative peer led entrepreneurial training for budding and existing female food entrepreneurs.


The project will produce two outputs a) a Training Guide for VET providers on delivering work-based entrepreneurial training to FFEs and b) a Resource Tool for developing and sustaining FFEs. Both outputs are specifically designed to nurture and grow female food entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary materials, training and resources that will aid them in overcoming the challenges they face when setting up and growing their food business.


Both project outputs will help sustain FFEs by providing them with access to female focused entrepreneurial training that will incorporate flexible innovative pedagogies giving them the opportunity to learn from existing food entrepreneurs and build a network. The Resource Tool will also serve as a base to connect with a range of supports. It will be a ‘one stop’ information resource for FFEs to learn, seek guidance, collaborate, upskill, network and overcome any challenges they may be facing.


Throughout the project various activities and events will be scheduled with VET providers, Educators, Female Food Entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders. These include:

Multiplier events

These conferences and networking events will be held in various partner countries to disseminate information on the project outputs. The events are free to attend and will be open to all those interested or working in Europe’s AgriFood Industry.

Teaching, training and learning events

These training events are scheduled throughout the project to test the prototype of the project outputs with end users such as trainers, researchers, academic staff and female food producers. The first training event was held in GMIT, Ireland in April 2019 with academic staff from five European countries attended to learn more on the innovative teaching methods that will form part of the Training Guide. The second training event will take place in Lithuania in June 2020 and will be hosted by the Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI).

Focus groups and networking events

Numerous focus groups and networking events will be scheduled throughout the project to gain feedback from trainers, researchers and female food producers and entrepreneurs to ensure that the outputs meet the needs of the target audience.

Please visit the project website: for dates and information on how to register for the project activities.