FORESTGAME: Training programme and serious game for the qualification of prevention and firefighting operators

Submitted by erika.vaskialyte on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 09:44
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FORESTGAME: Training programme and serious game for the qualification of prevention and firefighting operators

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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

About project

The aim: Develop a European training program for the acquisition of the necessary skills, which allow adequate professionalizing of operator the prevention and extinguishing fire, with reference to the guidelines, rules and characteristics of each specific participating countries.
Target group: Workers (prevention and firefighting), private companies, professional associations, cooperatives of the forest sector, trainers, training centers and Local/National/European public bodies related to training and prevention/firefighting sectors.
The FORESTGAME training system will be fully online based and its access will be open for the different envisaged target groups. The project’s training method based on the Open Educational Resources (OER) approach, thus developing digital training materials that will be available under a creative commons license allowing their use and distribution free of charge. The aging of the working population at European level is clear. This new situation should be accompanied by strategies for adapting work organization, tasks and working conditions to the special characteristics of this group of adult workers.
This project will make a unified training program in the Europe, to do with full guarantees of safety and health workplace the activities of extinguishing and fire prevention of forest sector. This will be multidisciplinary training that integrates medical aspects of physical, technical and mental condition because of the high psychophysical demands of the job. It will make the professionalized the sector across Europe through a training tool available to download by anyone. New technologies applied to training are improving the learning process. These innovative learning tools based on the use of ICTs allow the use of interactive contents. Through the serious game that we plan to develop, we’ll provide a more efficient and flexible quality training and distance learning. Serious games are a motivating tool for the users because they meet significant learning while being playful. They also promote the teamwork and are available use them anywhere, anytime.

Project objectives

1. Developing a specific job profile diagram for the prevention and firefighting operators that take into account the activities carried out and that includes the physical and mental skills and capabilities considered in the development of European Training Program
2. Developing a report about the impact of aging on physical, sensory and motor capacities of prevention and firefighting operators and its repercussions on a safe performance of the tasks.
3. Involve the Administration, Associations of employers, Associations of workers and specialized training centers in the need to blend into the training the physical and mental demands of the activity.