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Project name

Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures in Food and Beverage Industries

Project duration

2014 - 2016


ERASMUS + programme


MATIS, Iceland

About project

The general objective is improving quality and efficiency of the teaching-learning processes by means of design and validation of training materials based on new technologies and fully adapted to cleaners in the food and beverage industry.

Project objectives
  • To develop and adopt training material on cleaning and disinfection procedures in the food and drink industry.
  • To use both food hygiene and prevention of occupational risks training as a strategy to increase workers adaptibility to changes and developments emerging in the sector, thereby improving their employability and competitiveness.
  • To encourage the spreading and implementation of the European policy about health and safety, and food hygiene, contributing therefore, to protect consumers’ health and to prevent workers’ from occupational risks.
  • To guarantee the product quality by continuous evaluation during the project development and by means of a final validation of technical aspects and developed educational materials in the pilot schemes.
  • To make easier the access to new information and communication technologies (NICTs), especially to those groups with low levels of use of these technologies.