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Project name

E- Learning course of Innovation Management for vocational training

Project code


Project duration

2010 - 2012


Leonardo da Vinci programme


Latvian Technological Center, Latvia

  • Baltic Education Technology Institute BETI, Lithuania
  • Latvian Technological Center (LTC)
  • Aalto University School of Economics, Small Business Center (AU SE SBC)
  • Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (CUE)
  • Integrated Resources Management (IRM) Company Ltd ( IRMCo)
  • Riga Technical University (RTU)
About project

The aim of the project:
To develop an e-learning course of innovation management, which would correspond to the labour market needs and fill the gap in national VET systems.

Project objectives
  • To develop high quality e-learning course materials and to adapt them in the project participant countries,
  • To pilot the course in order to integrate the learners' feedback in the course materials, thus ensuring higher methodological and content basis,
  • To implement all necessary dissemination and exploitation activities in order to ensure sustainability and mainstreaming of the project results.