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Project name

HeLPS Transfer – Helps for High Education and High School

Project code


Project duration

2008 - 2010


Leonardo da Vinci programme


ITI "Francesco Giordani", Italy

  • Consortium HERMES
  • University of Salerno - Departments of Informatic Engineering and Applied Mathematics
  • University of Bologna - Faculty of Sciences of Education
  • SILabo - Information Society Laboratory Srl
  • Eulearning - Institute for the Research, Planning and Development of the "well learning"
  • University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest - CTANM
  • Organization for the teacher Training of the Romanian Ministry of Education
  • POINT Project Cons. & Eng. LLC
  • Gazi University - Faculty of Education
  • Kaunas University of Technology
  • Baltic Education Technology Institute BETI, Lithuania
  • University of Malmo
About project

To transfer the results of HeLPS Project in the sectors of University Education, post-University High Training and High School through the specialization of the training pathways developed by the Project to the needs of the two reference sectors, the linguistic localization and the structural adaptation of the main HeLPS products and results and the Training and Guidance of the Operators in the University and School sectors.

At the end of the Project, HeLPS Transfer will realize the following products:

  • Post-University Master pathways for the training of the HeLPS professional figures, addressed to specific target of graduates from each Partnership country .
  • e-DD&P Methodology consolidated in relation to the Partnership.
  • e-Stage environment adapted in the languages and in the organizational models of each Partnership country.
  • Volume entitled "From Didactics to e-Didactics - Project Management Paragraph, Models and Techniques" with annexed CD-ROM published in all the Partnership languages, both in hardcopy and e-Book format.
  • Publish the volume entitled "From Didactic to e-Didactics" with annexed CD-ROM in all the localization languages, both in hardcopy and e-Book format.
  • Applicative Tools of the eDD&P Methodology and of the e-Stage System in all the languages different from Italian and English.
  • e-Stage Web localized in all the Partnership languages different from Italian and English.
  • Seminarial Plan for University Trainers and Teachers and High School Teachers, with related material for the realization of initiatives.
  • Seminars addressed to University Trainers and Teachers: one or two for each Partnership country.
  • Seminars addressed to University Professors: one or two for each Partnership country.
  • "HeLPS for High Training and High School" Portal in all the Partnership languages.