E365: Entrepreneurship in 365 days

Submitted by gerda on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 16:59
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E365: Entrepreneurship in 365 days.

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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

About project

With the development of the E365 project project's partners seek to develop educational opportunities based on the necessities of extending the entrepreneurial competence (through the skills related to) and for this reason, to foster a more supportive entrepreneurial culture in European Union using E365 results as a positive message to highlight the potential of entrepreneurship in terms of economic contributions, innovation, and job creation.
By priorities chosen, E365 project seeks to facilitate the empowerment of adult learners and learners most vulnerable or at risk of exclusion to social and professional by developing critical thinking, reflexivity, and self-assessment ability and other skills necessary for entrepreneurial competence upgrowth among low-skilled or low-qualified adults.

Project objectives

The main aim of this project is to extend and develop self – directed learning platform in order to improve adult education in the six project partners’ countries and therefore, to promote a sense of belonging for adult learners who are at high risk of exclusion such as unemployed people by creating opportunities to practice entrepreneurial competencies in an inclusive learning environment that naturally fosters self-esteem and resilience.