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Re-Mark - From Research to Market

Projekto kodas


Projekto vykdymo laikotarpis

2008 - 2010

Finansavimo šaltinis

Leonardo da Vinci programme


Kaunas Regional Innovation Centre, Lithuania

Apie projektą

Knowledge-based entrepreneurship that turns research results into marketable products or services is highly valued and supported in the policies of EU countries as it adds to the competitiveness of any economy and is essential for achieving the Lisbon goals. However, intellectual entrepreneurship in Europe is still underdeveloped. Numerous studies show that lack of entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge are among the main constraints hindering researchers to pursue starting up their businesses.
The main aim of the ReMark project is to adapt an entrepreneurship e-learning package to the needs of potential knowledge-based entrepreneurs - mainly researchers, but also students and young graduates with technological/scientific knowledge, and test and disseminate it in Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia and Finland. Project objectives include analysis of the current e-learning package and its adaptation to the needs of the target groups and participating countries; e-learning package transfer to Lithuania, Slovakia and Cyprus by translating it and placing in the project partners' websites; testing and evaluation of the e-learning package by the target groups; implementation of the valorisation strategy.
The main outcome of the project will be an innovative e-learning package for knowledge-based entrepreneurship available online in Lithuanian, Slovak, Greek, Finnish and English. The project will also produce a number of results that will be used for valorisation purposes (valorisation plan, project website, leaflets, etc.), will help to promote the project and attract the representatives of target groups to test and evaluate project results. The evaluation will serve as a basis for improvements and preparation for further exploitation of the e-learning package.
The e-learning package will help to fill in the gap in the entrepreneurial training addressing the group of potential entrepreneurs that are likely to develop high value-added, knowledge and new technology based business. Researchers, young graduates and students with outstanding scientific knowledge will gain additional skills that will allow them to turn their knowledge into commercial benefit by developing successful business. The project will contribute to the efforts to develop knowledge-based entrepreneurship in project partners' and other European countries.

Projekto tikslinės grupės

Researchers, students