40 Challengers for Skilled Entrepreneur

Submitted by erika.vaskialyte on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 17:22
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40 Challengers for Skilled Entrepreneur

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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

About project

This project aims to promote the development of the soft skills of entrepreneurs through a self-diagnosis tool and a catalogue of 40 adapted and innovative training challenges. All this through a mobile application.

The project consists of the development of a tool aimed at people with entrepreneurial concerns with a low level of qualification that allows the self-diagnosis of their soft professional skills, which will be important or determinant for their success as an entrepreneur.

The main result – a mobile application, translated into 6 languages, for the development of soft skills aimed at the entrepreneurial potential with low qualification and adapted to its initial level and its evolution in learning. The tool, with "40 training challenges", will adapt to the level of each user from the initial test and will try to develop their skills to the optimum level.

Project objectives
  • Identify the 40 key soft skills needed by a successful entrepreneur.
  • Create a tool that:
  1. measures the degree of development of the 40 soft skills of the successful entrepreneur.
  2. Issue an individualized report on the degree of development of the key soft skills of the successful entrepreneur with recommendations for improvement through the training challenges.
  • Develop innovative content for the training of the 40 soft key competences optimized for mobile terminals.
  • Create a mobile application for the self-diagnosis, training recommendations and soft skills training challenges, resource bench and final test.
  • Disseminate the results of this training to other institutions that could benefit this product.

Website: http://40challenges.eu/