LEAN: Learning on Entrepreneurship and Agriculture for New farmers

Submitted by erika.vaskialyte on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 16:43
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LEAN: Learning on Entrepreneurship and Agriculture for New farmers

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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships
About project

The aim of the project is to provide high quality learning opportunities on agro ecological and organic agriculture, entrepreneurial skills, and concrete examples of good practices and “success stories” from European farmers. Targeting young and new farmers, the training programme will be designed according to a capacity building approach based on relevant, customized, innovative and easily accessible tools that can be mobilized by organizations of agricultural training.

Project objectives

To build a strong and efficient partnership of 6 participating organizations across 5 European countries with an outreach to all European countries to foster capacity building in agronomic knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.

-To assess the training needs of new and young farmers to develop agro ecological and organic agriculture in the 5 selected countries.

-To build an online Open Educational Resources (OER) training programme for agro ecological and organic agronomic knowledge and entrepreneurial skills based on high quality training resources including videos, case studies, good practices exchanges.

-To provide an advanced high quality learning opportunity for European farmers to implement and develop their farm according to agro ecological and organic principles.

-To promote exchange between learners, between learners and teachers and between learners and accomplished farmers (from the case studies) both at the regional level but also between countries using innovative ICT tools.