DIGIHiQVET: Didactical and digital skills for teachers to provide high quality online practical VET

Submitted by gerda on Wed, 03/31/2021 - 16:17
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DIGIHiQVET: Didactical and digital skills for teachers to provide high quality online practical VET

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In the project DIGIHiQVET we strive to develop, implement and evaluate a free access, innovative and high quality online training for practical classes E-teaching. The training will help the teachers in their professional development as they will be able to use the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies at their work as teachers of practical classes. The aim of DIGIHiQVET project is an empowerment of teachers and mentors of practical classes for the implementation of high quality educational situations referring to practical contents in the digital environment as a response to COVID-19 pandemy and all future challenges which might render live classes impossible.

Project objectives

-Upgrading of pedagogical and digital knowledge, skills and competencies of teachers and mentors in VET and qualifying them for the appropriate pedagogical implementation of the adequate educational situations of practical contents in distance learning, so that they will be equally efficient and of comparable quality to traditional performance in workshops.
-Boosting of non-formal, professional distance education of teachers and mentors, which is accessible anywhere and anytime.
-Improving distance education with an emphasis on practical classes for all students, including those with learning difficulties or students from socially disadvantaged groups.
-Higher degree of practical classes flexibility and their successful inclusion in the forms of distance learning, combined classes or use for the period of teacher's replacement.
-The primary target group of the DIGIHiQVET project is the teachers of practical contents and mentors in the field of VET, whereas the second target group consists of school leaderships, politicians, employers, practical classes organizers, other teachers and adult educators. Directs beneficiaries of the project are participating students involved in the VET processes, other students and adults included in lifelong learning.